The construction of a pool begins with a precise excavation and a faultless installation.

In the first stage, the shuttering and framework must be solid, balanced and well proportioned, as an attractive framework makes for a solid one. The LEADER POOL method is our reference.

Next we pour in the concrete, which comes only from standard concrete factories, and in order to obtain optimal consistency, realised in one unique operation, thus creating a mono-block swimming pool.
And then to finish, after a 21 day drying of the concrete, we coat the pool and finally fill it with water. As speed and efficacy do not go hand in hand, each stage is scrupulously respected to safeguard our professional reputation.

After-sales service, repairs and maintenance. Sales and advice, products and accessories
The pool’s hydraulic system.

The pool’s hydraulic system is an essential consideration in order to have balanced and healthy water. It demands an extensive study to achieve optimal results and for bathing to remain a pleasure and not become a chore.
We apply the technical directives and norms in force whether it concerns electrical and hydraulic systems or water treatment.
In our eyes, DIY is not part of our company’s strategy. We give you an instruction manual with the plan and photos of the installation to avoid risk of unforeseen problems.


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